Biodegradable Masterbatch – Addictive

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Biodegradable Masterbatch – Addictive is made of Cornstarch which can replace the funtion of resin and save huge resourse of plastic. It is considering as the best solution for the plastic waste, the  biggest challenge in nowadays world. Our Bio-Gradable grades are included Masterbatch and Addictive types, different abbility in helping your products in improving process to save the Mother Earth.

Key advantages of biodegradable masterbatch/Addictive:

  • Environmentally friendly by rapid decomposition, avoids the emission of methane
  • Easily comlexible with variaty types of machines
  • Mostly no odor smells
  • The degradation speed & intensity can be controlled without sacrificing the strength, clarity and physical properties of the film within required period of time.

Compatibility: LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS,  ABS, PET, ….

  • Carry bags, Shopping bags, Hygiene films -hospital bags
  • Disposable dishware
  • Agricultural mulch film, raffia bags.
  • Garbage bags , Compost bags, refuse bags, trash bags.
  • Lamination films, Specialty films –air bubble film, stretch wrap film.


                                            Biodegradable Masterbatch – Addictive – Vietnam Atlantic


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