Coated CaCO3 Powder

As a leading manufacturer of Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) Powder in Vietnam, we specialize in making Coated and Uncoated CaCO3 powder which are used in various applications. The micron size of:  D97 =5 µm up to D97 = 75 µm.

The raw material is exploited from MONG SON Mountain with the highest purity limestone that is one of top 5 sources in the world comparing with Brazil, Malaysia, Egypt.

We are providing clients with best price, best quality and shortest time of transit.

The modern ball rolling machines imported from Hosokawa Alpine (Germany) which is the most modern ones of European advance technology and long with our experience, we can commit:

  • High quality & constant product
  • Customized product
  • Different particle size from D50 = 1 µm up to D50 = 5.7 µm


                                     Coated CaCO3 Powder – Vietnam Atlantic


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