Caco3 Filler Masterbatch

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Introduction: Vietnam Atlantic’s Filler Masterbatch is a combination of calcium carbonate, plastic flexibilizer and other special additives. Our calcium carbonate is made of high quality and micro sized material (800~ 2500mesh) with PP and PE based, it has good dispersion and environmental protection, which can improve the surface antifriction, heat stability, toughness, hardness, rigidity and increase specific gravity of plastic products.

Quality ensured: Vietnam Atlantic’s Filler Masterbatch is produced in a highly respective environment, with high quality process and selective raw materials. Focus on satisfying customer’s plastic needs, our expertise shares a global database of successful matches, which we combine with unequaled polymer knowledge to provide you with accurate masterbatches and recolored resins and compounds.


  • CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch with PE based: blowing film (making shopping bag), blowing molding, extruder pipe, injection molding…
  • CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch with PP based: threading yarn for woven bag, non-woven bag, injection molding, Extrusion …


                                         Caco3 Filler Masterbatch – Vietnam Atlantic


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