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Vietnam Atlantic Mining Site

01/09/2015 - 06:11

Advantages of Calcium carbonate of VIETNAM ATLANTIC EXPORT IMPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANY: Materials exploited from Mong Son mountain on Thac Ba lake with area around 20 hectares, reserves  around 15 million tons.

Our mine is the purest, whitest, less abbrasive and is rated the best quality and the largest reserves in Vietnam as well as Southeast Asia. Chemical composition and physical properties of material from this mine in accordance with the requirements of various industries such as paints, plastics, adhesives, rubber, film sheet, paper processing...

To ensure systematic mining for optimum deposit extraction, we lay great emphasis on advance planning of the mines. Our mines are planned out to ensure a steady production of the required grades, thereby ensuring end-product stability both in quality as well as quantity.

Specific ore qualities are identified prior to extraction and care is taken to eliminate any contamination of the selected ore. The behavior of any given ore is constantly monitored to ensure stability of physical and chemical characteristics. 

The carefully extracted ore is then transported to the ore processing and storage yard of the mines. Here, painstaking sorting and ore dressing is done by experienced and highly skilled manpower and the ore is classified into different grades, depending upon the size and quality. The various grades of talc ore are then dispatched to grinding units for further processing. We believe that scientific mining and environmental protection go hand in hand. The group places high priority on protection of the environment. Effective steps are taken to ensure short term and long term measures to protect the environment.